The Invention Handheld Clouds of Cotton Candy

A picture of a candy cart with a blue cotton candy.

The history of cotton candy stretches back at least three centuries. At one point, this treat was considered to be a delicacy that only the rich could afford, but cotton candy can now be found in just about any amusement park. How did this delicious snack get to where it is today?

Traces of the Ancient Seas

Ancient Sea

Since ancient times, the remains of various marine animals — primarily clamshells — have been found on land, including far from the ocean and high up in the mountains. Ancient people puzzled over how they got there, but now we know the answer and can even use these traces of ancient seas in order to learn about our planet’s past.

William Gilbert: Science is The Best Superpower

An illustration of a superhero holding a pumpkin.

We love comic books just as much as you do, but sometimes it seems unfair: why does everyone know Thor and Magneto, but so few have heard about the real person who first researched electricity and magnetism? This month, we’re fighting this injustice by reading comics about the English physicist William Gilbert.

Twitter By Post: A History Of Postcards

An old postcard depicting a pen and ink drawing, showcasing the history of postcards.

Dear reader!
Did you know that a postcard is not just a souvenir? This small piece of thin cardstock has a long history, and the card itself reflects this. A letter without an envelope was once considered improper, but later it helped people send messages from the front lines. Nowadays, some postcards are regarded as real collector’s items.