What are vaccines?

A syringe is being inserted into a vaccine.

Disease has threatened humanity for centuries — and it’s no wonder, given that for most of history we didn’t know how to cure them at all. During epidemic outbreaks, people died by the millions. The situation changed only 200 years ago with the invention of vaccines.

Naturally, An appeal to nature

A nature-themed painting of an old man and woman holding a sign.

Organic products are expensive. Manufacturers claim that they are better for you than regular products because, after all, nature provides what’s best for us. We would be stronger and healthier if only we would stick to all things natural: organic makeup, organic food, cyanide… Wait, what?

Why It’s Important To Get Enough Sleep

A family peacefully sleeping in bed with two children.

Spending time on sleep can be terribly frustrating — when you study all day and then do your homework in the evening, you are left with virtually no time for rest, TV shows, or video games. If you stay up late once or twice playing your favorite online game or chatting with your friends, nothing especially bad will happen, but you might nod off in the morning. However, consistently depriving yourself of two to three hours of a good night’s sleep is a very bad idea. Why is this so?