🦋 Metamorphosis: the cycle of life

The cover of oyla magazine with an image of a butterfly.

#20 JULY 2022
🗺How is math used in geography?
🏄🏿♀️How do you catch a gravitational wave?
🚢Why is it important to map the seafloor?
✨What are white dwarfs made of?
📧Are online petitions effective?

🌊 Our blue frontier: Exploring our ocean world

Oyla magazine - our blue frontier.

#19 JUNE 2022
🔮Is alchemy magic or science?
🤧 What causes allergies?
🐥 How do animals raise their young?
🧗🪐 Can you take an elevator into space?
♾️ How do you create a Möbius strip?

▶️ The life and discoveries of René Descartes

Oyla - i think therefore i am.

#17 APRIL 2022
🦇Why are bats breeding grounds for epidemics?
🪓What happens when you chop down a forest?
📽The history of silent film
🥫Do superfoods exist?
🚢How to play Battleship the right way?

👾 Mind-controlling parasites

The cover of oyla.

#16 MARCH 2022
🧩 How do you solve an unsolvable problem?
🚀 Pioneering women of science
🏆 How do you win the Ig Nobel Prize?

✨To catch a neutrino: mission possible!

Oyla to catch a neutrino a mission possible.

#15 FEBRUARY 2022
🍊 The complicated love story of tangerines
📜 A brief history of the Māori
🧳 Herodotus: historian or travel blogger?
🎲 A board game from Korea

💡What is intelligence?

Oyla - what is intelligence?.

#13 DECEMBER 2021
❤️No longer a death sentence: the human immunodeficiency virus
🐧How do animals stay warm in the cold?
👩🏿🚀What do astronauts eat in space?
✨Accidental discoveries that changed the world