❄️Why are no two snowflakes the same?

The cover of oyla magazine with a man riding a rubber duck.

#27 FEBRUARY 2023
🦠Can viruses be used for good?
🙄What is Alzheimer’s disease?
🔲🌈How did John Dalton see the world?
🧬When did life on Earth explode??

🌑 Back to the Moon: Mission Artemis

The cover of oyla magazine back to the moon.

#25 DECEMBER 2022
🗺How do you become an ocean explorer?
🙁What is depression?
☀️Who put the Sun at the center of the universe?
🛶How did humans spread around the Earth?

🌐 The parallel worlds of Hugh Everett

Oyla - the parallel worlds of hugh everest.

#23 OCTOBER 2022
🌊Who lives in the deep sea?
😞Why is gaslighting so dangerous?
🔮Can animals predict the weather?
🔌Are electric cars good for the environment?

⚛️ How big is the quantum world?

Oyla - oyla - oyla - oyla - oyla -.

#22 SEPTEMBER 2022
🎮Can you learn history from video games?
🧠Are our brains malleable?
💽What kind of data do ocean explorers collect?
📷How to put together a pinhole camera