Caves: Dungeons & Caverns

This month, we’re going down into the deep! Not for adventure’s sake, but in pursuit of knowledge. Caves aren’t always so dark and damp — they might surprise you.

What’s a cave — is it really such a complicated question? Speleologists, the scientists who study them, aren’t always in agreement on this question. Some consider any cavity in the Earth’s crust that was formed in a natural way to be a cave. Then would a mole hole be considered a cave? Other speleologists specify that a cave must be large enough for a person to fit inside without the Sun illuminating all of its area. Then what about caves inside glaciers, where the Sun shines even through thick walls? To avoid confusion, speleologists identify caves by their origin.

Karst Cave Formation
Karst Cave Formation
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An astronaut floating in space above the earth, surrounded by particles and positrons.

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