Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal
Not too long ago, we were making plans for the upcoming year. Now, it’s time to realize them. The key to achieving our goals is a bullet journal — a hybrid of a daily planner and personal diary.

The Bullet Journal Method is a flexible planning system that can be adjusted to the needs of anyone. You can set tasks with different deadlines, record your thoughts and ideas, and monitor how regularly you adhere to useful habits. All of this is stored in just one notebook, thanks to several different methods of organizing information.

The creator of the system, designer Ryder Carroll, also recommends taking note of special events and feelings. We tend to remember things with inaccuracies, but by recording memories, you can recall exactly what you experienced at different moments in your life — thus enabling you to make decisions more easily in the future.


A regular notebook with grids or dots, or an undated diary
pen illustration
A pen
color pallet illustration
Colored pencils and pens, stickers, magazine clippings, and any other creative materials
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