Naturally, An appeal to nature

A nature-themed painting of an old man and woman holding a sign.

Organic products are expensive. Manufacturers claim that they are better for you than regular products because, after all, nature provides what’s best for us. We would be stronger and healthier if only we would stick to all things natural: organic makeup, organic food, cyanide… Wait, what?

Why It’s So Hard to Go against the Grain?

An image of a donut with flaming decorations illustrating majority influence on food trends.

Sometimes we do something just because everyone else around us is doing it. We buy a new video game because our friends are obsessed with it or we make a TikTok account to make sure we understand our classmates’ references. Or we suffer through a dull, drawn-out movie that everyone else, of course, has already seen and loved. What is this strange force that makes us copy the actions of those around us?

Hiding From Us

Conspiracy theories

Whenever something happens in the world, there is always someone to blame. And if this “something” is on a global scale, then it obviously didn’t happen without some kind of conspiracy! Are doctors advising you to get vaccinated? They want to cash in on vaccine sales, of course! Man walked on the Moon? It was a hoax! And worldwide surveillance? We are all in danger…until we turn on our common sense and start to think critically.