What are vaccines?

A syringe is being inserted into a vaccine.

Disease has threatened humanity for centuries — and it’s no wonder, given that for most of history we didn’t know how to cure them at all. During epidemic outbreaks, people died by the millions. The situation changed only 200 years ago with the invention of vaccines.

Why It’s Important To Get Enough Sleep

A family peacefully sleeping in bed with two children.

Spending time on sleep can be terribly frustrating — when you study all day and then do your homework in the evening, you are left with virtually no time for rest, TV shows, or video games. If you stay up late once or twice playing your favorite online game or chatting with your friends, nothing especially bad will happen, but you might nod off in the morning. However, consistently depriving yourself of two to three hours of a good night’s sleep is a very bad idea. Why is this so?

How to Be a Friend to Someone with Special Needs

A cartoon illustration of a boy with special needs walking a duck on a leash.

Have you ever had a classmate who does things a bit differently than you do? Maybe they walk with a limp or they process information in their own way. You want to make friends with this person, but you feel awkward because you’re afraid you might accidentally offend them. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the world of people with limited mobility, neurodivergence, and genetic conditions. We’ll clue you in on what really offends them and how they prefer that people interact with them. Let’s go!

Parkinson’s Disease: A 200-year struggle

A symptom of Matthew's brain disease is an old man's hand with pink paint on it.

Parkinson’s Disease remains a mysterious and incurable neurological condition. Its exact cause is unknown, and there is no known cure. Although symptom relief is possible for an extended period, Parkinson’s affects individuals from all walks of life, including notable figures like Mohammed Ali, Pope John Paul II, George Bush Sr., and Michael J. Fox. While managing the disease can be challenging, Michael J. Fox’s recent guitar performance on stage showcases the possibility of living a fulfilling life with Parkinson’s.