The Lava Lamp

A collection of jars containing vibrant colored liquids resembling a lava lamp.

This iconic decorative lamp of the 60s is still well-known today. It’s not very functional, but it is hypnotic: the neon-bright “lava” inside grows and shrinks, soars and sinks, mesmerizing us like the flickering hearth that hypnotized our ancestors. Let’s follow the rise and fall of the lava lamp and make our own just from what we can find in the kitchen.

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

Not too long ago, we were making plans for the upcoming year. Now, it’s time to realize them. The key to achieving our goals is a bullet journal — a hybrid of a daily planner and personal diary.

A Vegetable Garden without Soil

An isometric illustration of a hydroponic greenhouse.

Science and technology don’t stand in place: scientists around the world work to ensure that the production of fresh and healthy foods is simple, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. So, in place of classic garden beds and greenhouses comes hydroponics: growing plants in nutrient solutions without soil.