A boy gazes at the stars through a darkened window at night.

Why Is It Dark at Night?

This is one of the first questions children ask when embarking upon the difficult path to knowledge. So, why exactly is it dark at night? Because the Sun isn’t in the sky, of course!

A yellow and blue background with a counterexample sign in the middle.

Give a Counterexample

Have you noticed that disputes are often unconstructive, and the winner is the one who shouted louder or expressed themselves more assertively? But if we apply the laws of logic to our arguments, any disagreement can be resolved smoothly and elegantly. In mathematics, this technique has been honed to perfection.

A combination of different types of materials.

A Combination Of Properties

Half of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is made up of composite materials, 82 % of the Eurofighter Typhoon consists of them, and some unmanned aerial vehicles are made of nothing else. Composite materials are not only in the sky, though — they can even be found in your home. What kind of materials are they, you ask?

How The Rainforests Are Drying Out?

According to NASA’s ground and satellite observations, the atmosphere over the Amazon Rainforest has become significantly drier over the past 20 years. What consequences might this process have on our planet?