A Combination Of Properties

Half of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is made up of composite materials, 82 % of the Eurofighter Typhoon consists of them, and some unmanned aerial vehicles are made of nothing else. Composite materials are not only in the sky, though — they can even be found in your home. What kind of materials are they, you ask?

What Is a Composite?

At its core, the word “composite” means a “mixture” or “compound.” Today, engineers use this word to refer to a material consisting of two or more parts. The properties of a composite differ quantitatively and qualitatively from the properties of each of its constituent materials. Despite the variety of compositions, most of the composite materials have two fundamental parts: the reinforced filler, which is responsible for the desired mechanical properties, and the matrix, which binds the reinforcing elements.

The principle of the composite device

  •  Metal-ceramic
  • Ceramic-polymer
  • Metal-polymer

Can a metal alloy, for example, be a composite? The answer is no, as the composite materials do not mix and remain physically separated from each other.

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