NASA X-planes

In the US aircraft system, "X" designates pilot projects testing new aviation tech. NASA conducts X-projects with the US Air Force at Edwards Air Force Base.

In the American aircraft designation system, it is customary for pilot projects to be assigned the letter “X.” New aviation technologies and aerodynamic concepts are tested and evaluated on these machines. NASA conducts numerous X-projects with the US Air Force, and tests of X-aircraft are usually held at the Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Many experimental aircraft will never enter mass use, but if a series of flight tests are successful, technological solutions will be introduced individually into production. Moreover, throughout the history of NASA, some projects were so successful that they were completely transferred to production, such as the Lockheed Martin X-35, also known as F-35.

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An astronaut floating in space above the earth, surrounded by particles and positrons.

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